Van Hollen

Mar 24, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Van Hollen’s Craven Folly


MADISON-J.B. Van Hollen distinguished himself today as among the most cravenly political of attorneys general in Wisconsin history with a call to overturn in the courts the health care reform that American voters won at the ballot box.


Van Hollen, whose family is covered by taxpayer-funded health insurance, has no chance of success and even he has acknowledged as much in recent days, since even though constitutional scholars say any action bears no chance of success in the courts, a lawsuit to bar health care reform in Wisconsin would need approval from the State Assembly, State Senate or the governor.


That approval is not forthcoming. But this does not keep Van Hollen from his political task. He already has been involved in efforts to suppress Wisconsin votes and has refused to defend the state’s domestic partnership policies.


“Though he will not succeed, Van Hollen still is taking action against every child with a preexisting condition who would be thrown off their parents’ private insurance, every senior who is getting help to pay for their drug prescription, every small business that will be able to add workers because of tax credits to offset premiums,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said  “He went to work against health care for the sick today. Wisconsin voters sickened by Van Hollen’s folly will have a chance to take away his taxpayer-funded health care come November.”