Democratic Cabinet Secretary Dick Leinenkugel to Run for Senate – As a Republican

Apr 06, 2010

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Democratic Cabinet Secretary Dick Leinenkugel to Run for Senate — As a Republican


Will Candidate Crash the Tea Party?

MADISON – According to reports out this morning, Governor Doyle’s Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel will be leaving his post on Friday to enter a divisive primary for U.S. Senate – as a Republican.  He will join Dave Westlake, multimillionaire Terrence Wall and, likely, former Bush Cabinet Secretary Tommy Thompson in the Republican primary.


“Is he even a member of the Republican Party?  If not, is he going to join?” asked Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “Secretary Thompson has his own problems in a Republican primary, including his support for health care reform, individual mandates and universal coverage for Iraq, but Secretary Leinenkugel has more problems. Will the Republican Party welcome a cheerleader for the stimulus that they oppose?”

For his own part, Terrence Wall has been criticized by conservatives for contributing to Governor Doyle’s campaign – as well as other Democratic campaigns. Just four months ago, Secretary Leinenkugel was headlining a fundraising event for Democratic Assemblyman, State Rep. Andy Jorgensen.

“Secretary Leinenkugel is going to expose deep divisions within the Republican Party and have a very hard time passing their litmus test,” said Tate, “Will he now oppose the stimulus he has championed? We look forward to him answering all the tough questions he needs to be asked.”