Duffy Silent on “Retrogressive” Immigration Law

Apr 26, 2010

  Border Prosecutor Mum on Law Condemned by Cardinal 

MADISON – He is near the Canadian border, he was appointed a prosecutor, but Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy refuses to answer whether or how he would enforce the Republican anti-immigration law just passed, with strong racial connotations, in Arizona.

Duffy, star of MTV’s “The Real World: Boston,” recently proclaimed with great fanfare that his garment was free of racist stain after nearly appearing onstage at a Wausau Tea Party rally with the white supremacist Alabama “Col.” John Eidsmoe.

The Arizona immigration law, which authorizes the arrest of anyone whom police have a “reasonable suspicion” as an undocumented immigrant, has been condemned by Mexican-American leaders and Catholic bishops alike.

Roger Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles called the new law, “Retrogressive, mean-spirited and useless…”, and said it, “Encourages German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques,” while the Roman Catholic bishops of Arizona called for the law’s end in their strongest language.

“The voters of the Wisconsin north woods, near the border with Canada, need to hear how and whether Sean Duffy supports an immigration enforcement based on skin color and  fear, not faith,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “The treatment of the immigrant has been spoken to since at least the time the Sojourners were in Egypt. At the very least, we owe their example answers, not silence.”