GOP’s Sean Duffy Supports Congressman Obey on Stimulus (4/29/10)

Apr 28, 2010



MADISON — Has Sean Duffy turned a corner to supporting the working families of Wisconsin?

If his comments this week in support of economic stimulus provisions authored by Congressman Dave Obey are any indication, there may be hope yet for the Republican challenger.

On Tuesday, Duffy released a statement in which he said, “Jobs are created by individuals and by the small businesses that are looking to grow…By focusing on middle class tax cuts and reducing government regulations and taxation of small businesses, we can get the economy growing again.”

And that’s exactly what Congressman Obey has done.

The stimulus bill included one of the largest tax break in history for middle-class Americans, as well as roughly $561 million in tax breaks for Wisconsin businesses.  These breaks included, “Changes in depreciation of new capital purchases, deferral of certain income from cancellation of debts, and the ability to carry back operating losses for five years.”  It also included breaks for hiring at-risk youth and veterans who are unemployed as well as breaks for producing, investing in, or using renewable energy or alternative fuels.

“We all live in hope and I’m glad to see a Republican like Duffy finally willing to recognize the many benefits of the economic stimulus bill giving timely help to middle class Americans and Wisconsin businesses,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair MIke Tate said Thursday.  “Congressman Obey’s role in authoring this legislation has helped stabilize our economy and put us back on track to dig us out of the economic mess we were left with.”