Scottie-Come-Lately With Schoolboy Excuses

Apr 22, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Scottie-Come-Lately With Schoolboy Excuses:
Walker on Education – Absent, Incoherent

MADISON — For his entire career he hid from the heavy lifting on education, then provided a bizarre plan to disintegrate the Milwaukee Public School system and add new layers of bureaucracy, and today Scott Walker is opining on reform legislation that he never lifted a finger to change.


“Other than shuttering classrooms to fund his $2 billion tax giveaway to the richest one percent of Wisconsinites, Scott Walker can be marked as “absent” when it comes to educating our school children,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday.


For months and months, as Milwaukee and Wisconsin debated the future of the children in MPS, Walker hid out, refusing to comment on the issue. This followed a decade-long career in the Legislature where he offered not a single education reform initiative.


Recently, Walker broke his silence on education – only after the tough conversations on education were over – by offering up a bizarre and quickly discredited plan to create more bureaucracy by splitting MPS into a dozen more districts.


Walker subsequently flip-flopped on that plan, and since has offered not a single specific detail on education reform.


“With his incoherent posturing, in the final analysis, it is probably best that Walker leave the tough decisions on education to the adults,” Tate said.