Secretary Leinenkugel vs. Candidate Leinenkugel: The First Debate of the 2010 U.S. Senate Republican Primary (4/28/10)

Apr 27, 2010

 MADISON — As the Republican primary field increased to three this week with the kick off of Candidate Dick Leinenkugel’s campaign, it appears that he’ll face fierce opposition, even before the primary in September, by the former Democratic Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel. The two Leinenkugel’s are scheduled to debate this evening, over a beer in Chippewa Falls. 


“It looks like the first debate of the primary season for Republican’s will be a one man show,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Secretary Leinenkugel has spent the week both running on his record, and running away from it.  As Secretary, he favored everything from high-speed rail to Governor Doyle’s budget.  Now, as a Candidate, he’s come out against them.  One thing is clear, Leinenkugel is a candidate who lacks the courage of his convictions, and will say anything to serve his own political ambitions.


Secretary Leinenkugel vs. Candidate Leinenkugel – In Their Own Words


Governor Doyle’s Budget:


Secretary Leinenkugel:


“Governor Jim Doyle demonstrates in his new budget that business development remains a core priority…With this budget, using these new incentives, we will move Wisconsin forward.”

“Governor’s budget spurs business growth” Secretary Leinenkugel Column 7/7/09


“[Secretary Leinenkugel] worked closely with the governor on the budget,” said Adam Collins, a spokesman for Doyle.”

—  “Leinenkugel launches campaign, downplays ties to Doyle” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/26/10


Candidate Leinenkugel:


“Well, it’s interesting that you say, or even assume that I supported Jim – or supported the budget.  As Commerce Secretary, we, you know, don’t have a role in making up the budget.”

—   Up Front with Vicki McKenna Interview 4/26/10


Global Warming:


Secretary Leinenkugel:


“I trust you and others in this room recognize the significant environmental impacts of addressing climate change.  I certainly do.” 

—  Secretary Leinenkugel Testimony on Senate Bill 450 at Senate Committee on Energy Hearing 1/27/10


Candidate Leinenkugel:


“The science of global warming, I think, hasn’t been proven.” 

— UpFront with Vicki McKenna Interview 4/26/10



American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Stimulus:


Secretary Leinenkugel:


                        “The stimulus package is leading to some good things in Wisconsin.”

                                                “Leinenkugel sees the glass half full” AP 6/8/09


“It would have been even more onerous, more difficult, had the governor not worked with Congressman [David] Obey and others at the federal level in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, which is helping us fund transportation and infrastructure, and also helping us fund education and medical care…  This is an opportunity, a once in a generation opportunity, for you to further your broadband reach here in the Northwoods by tapping into some of the dollars that are going to be made available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.” 

— “Commerce’s Leinenkugel finds silver lining in dark economic clouds” The Lakeland Times 3/20/09


Candidate Leinenkugel:


“If I were a Senator, I would have voted not – I would’ve voted against that stimulus package.”

— Up Front with Vicki McKenna Interview 4/26/10

High Speed Rail:


Secretary Leinenkugel:


“Wisconsin Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel said the state will fully realize the benefits of the high-speed rail system when it is extended in the future from Madison to the Twin Cities. The Milwaukee-to-Madison line is just part of the Obama administration’s plan for a high-speed rail line connecting Chicago to the Twin Cities.  “We’re starting with the Milwaukee-to-Madison line,” Leinenkugel said. “That’s just a leg in the high-speed rail initiative.””
“Track to the Future” Milwaukee Business Times 2/19/10


“I don’t think there has ever been a better time to go after this.”

—  “If intercity rail service comes to Madison, it will be based at airport” The Capital Times 3/24/09


Candidate Leinenkugel:


“Leinenkugel says he’s opposed to building the high-speed train from Milwaukee to Madison right now because there are other budget priorities.” 

—  “Trouble on tap for Leinenkugel? Candidate might fall flat” Waukesha Freeman 4/22/10


Clean Energy Jobs Act:


Secretary Leinenkugel:


“This legislation is crucial for the future of our state…  It’s a landmark legislative package that will accelerate the state’s green economy and will create jobs.”

—  Secretary Leinenkugel Testimony on Senate Bill 450 at Senate Committee on Energy Hearing 1/27/10


Candidate Leinenkugel:


“So, there were some good things in there.  There were also some things that I think at this time would harm manufacturing…”

                                                 Dick Leinenkugel Campaign Kick-Off 4/26/10