Terrence Wall's Trouble With Truth

Apr 07, 2010

Thursday April 8, 2010


Terrence Wall’s Trouble With Truth


One-Year Anniversary of a Campaign
Wall Doesn’t Want You to Know About


MADISON – One year ago this week, multimillionaire, real estate magnate Terrence Wall lost his second of three bids for a spot on the Village Board of Maple Bluff.  Wall is a lifetime resident of the Village, yet he has continued to mislead the public during interviews on his electoral history.


“The people who know Terrence Wall best – his neighbors – didn’t want him to represent them,” said Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.  “I’m not surprised that Mr. Wall doesn’t want people to know he has been rejected by voters who know him best three times, but the fact that he can’t shoot straight about it and chooses to mislead people about it should serve as a wake-up call to voters across Wisconsin.”


Wall’s Electoral History 


Wall has run twice for one of three spots on the Maple Bluff Village Board.  In a five-way race in 2001, Wall came in fifth.  In a four-way race a year ago today, Wall came in fourth. 


And according to the minutes from a May 2009 Maple Bluff Village Board meeting, there was a vacancy on the board and Wall was nominated by Village President Eric McLeod – who now serves as his campaign treasurer – to fill that vacancy.  Another Maple Bluff resident was nominated and after some brief remarks to the five person board, they voted 4-1 against Mr. Wall.


Wall Misleading the Public and Press


Wisconsin Eye Interview with Steve Walters – January 8, 2010


Walters:  And how long have you been thinking about getting into the public arena and running for office, sir?


Wall:  Well, really, I never thought about it for myself up until this year. 


WIBA 1310 – Outside the Box with Mitch Henck – February 11, 2010


Henck: So you’re kind of a more laid-back Donald Trump then.  Is that the way you would characterize it?  And you’ve been before this campaign; you threw your hat in the ring for public service at least once, was that for the Village of Maple Bluff, what happened there?


Wall:  Right, yes.  Well we have a caucus in the village gym and a neighbor tossed my name in the hat, and you don’t really run for village board…


During comments later in the interview, Mr. Henck says “Well so this is the second time you’ve sought public office.”  Wall’s response: “Right…” 


Real Clear Politics – Op-ed by Right-Wing Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Columnist Patrick McIlheran – April 5, 2010


In a fawning piece about Mr. Wall after interviewing him, McIlheran writes: “[Wall has] never run a political campaign of any size.”