Van Hollen: "Too Extreme for Wisconsin" (4/26/10)

Apr 25, 2010

MADISON – Following is the statement on the announcement of J.B. Van Hollen that he is running for re-election as Attorney General of Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin has a tradition of moderate government run professionally, and, when it comes to law enforcement, we like it administered without a hard-partisan agenda.

“During his first term, J.B. Van Hollen has shown he’s a partisan politician not a law enforcement professional.

“Van Hollen’s frivolous and politically-motivated lawsuit on health care reform is just the latest example of an attorney general out-of-touch with what Wisconsin expects from their AG. Lawsuits to suppress voting or to stop health care reform – both part of the Republican agenda – don’t stop crime, protect kids or help consumers. That’s where the AG’s focus should be and that’s what JB Van Hollen has neglected in his rush to be the Republican Party’s lawyer, not the people’s lawyer.

“Right-wing and corporate groups like WMC spent some $3 million for Van Hollen to win by less than a percentage point in 2006. With a record as an incumbent politician who cares more about his base of support than what the law says, Van Hollen will face the voters this November.”