Wisconsin's Partisan A.G. Takes Advice, Campaign Cash: Van Hollen Calls To Texas to Fight Health Care In Wisconsin (4/29/10)

Apr 28, 2010


 MADISON — J.B. Van Hollen this week completed his political tour announcing his re-election campaign for attorney general but is refusing to answer questions about new revelations of how he coordinated with a Texas Republican operative over his partisan maneuvering against health care reform.


Van Hollen’s own spokesman cast doubt on Van Hollen’s ability to stop the historic reform, which lowers premiums, extends coverage, helps seniors and forbids children from being removed from insurance coverage for preexisting conditions.


It since has been reported that Van Hollen aides coordinated with a Texas-based Republican who works for a corporate-funded group fighting health care reform.


And now we learn that the same group pumped $10,000 last year into Van Hollen’s campaign.


“For ten grand in campaign cash, the man who is among the most partisan attorneys general in Wisconsin’s history was willing to engage in frivolous lawsuits totally unrelated to his duty to keep Wisconsin’s families and consumers safe,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Listening to Republican operatives from Texas apparently is more important than listening to the families in Wisconsin he’s charged with keeping safe.”