Yet Another Scott Walker Public Safety Failure Exposed

Apr 11, 2010

Monday April 12, 2010

Yet Another Scott Walker
Public Safety Failure Exposed

Sheriff David Clarke Again
Covers For Scott Walker’s Blundering

MADISON – An expose in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about security lapses at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex involving patients with weapons is the latest public safety failure under Scott Walker’s failed management.

According to reports, safety complaints dated back to last year, yet were ignored by Walker and his administration. Only after Walker ally Sheriff David Clarke ordered a public safety review of the facility were these concerns addressed.

These newly revealed safety problems and security lapses at the County Mental Health Complex come after reports of rape of patients at the Behavioral Health Division, and the starvation death of an inmate.

This is not the first time Clarke has had to bail out his buddy Walker.  The County House of Corrections was called “dysfunctional” with serious security problems under Walker’s stewardship.  Only after the facility was removed from Walker’s oversight did performance improve.

“Whether the notorious “call center,” or today’s revelations about security failures at the County Mental Health Complex, taking over programs and departments from Scott Walker’s failed mismanagement and making them better is becoming common sport in Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday.  “The terrifying truth is that people are unsafe in County facilities operated by Scott Walker.”