Dave Obey: A Champion for Wisconsin – Statement of WisDems Chair Mike Tate on Retirement Announcement (5/5/2010)

May 04, 2010

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate on today’s announcement by Chairman Dave Obey:

“Dave Obey is a humble man, but if he were any other, he would swell with pride during his drives around Wisconsin’s north woods. That’s because he sees rivers and streams no longer defiled by pollution. Because he took a stand. He sees young men and women at work in manufacturing jobs, instead of shuttered plants. Because he took a stand. He sees seniors getting prescription drugs and able to stay in their homes and not kicked to the streets. Because he took a stand. He sees young students in smaller classrooms with better-trained teachers. Because he took a stand.

“To read the roll of Dave Obey accomplishments would take up the better part of a day when we learn the news of his forthcoming retirement. It is enough to say that when Dave Obey came to the Congress four decades ago, he set out with a progressive agenda to reform the way Congress did business for the working families of the north woods. As we look back, we know now that it is not merely our 7th District and Wisconsin that has profited from Congressman Obey’s leadership, it is our entire nation.

“Looking forward, we know that whoever seeks to fill the enormous shoes in the 7th District will have to account to voters who expect a Congressman on their side, and not on the side of the special interests. We guarantee that this seat will be won by the Democrat.

“The Republicans who would have Dave Obey’s seat have been shabby in denigrating his long record of advocacy for the working man and woman. In fact, the leading candidate has joined with a criminal fundraiser and the very special interests that Dave Obey was sent to Washington to fight.

“Dave Obey raised the standard for all members of Congress when it came to being a true champion for his constituents. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin will pay his legacy the highest tribute when we win his seat in November.”