Double Talker Scott Walker Strikes Again: Facebook Flip Flop Just the Latest (5/16/10)

May 15, 2010

MADISON — Scott Walker said that he wouldn’t take political phone calls while on his taxpayer-funded campaign joyride, but it took him less than 24 hours for him to phone in his most recent flip flop — this time on the recent Arizona immigration law.


Just yesterday Scott Walker railed against the Arizona law saying that immigration is a federal issue, but all it took were a few Facebook comments from his cronies for Scott Walker to pop a wheelie and publish another note saying that he would sign the Arizona Immigration law as Governor.


“Scott Walker’s double talk has no end. He rails against stimulus spending, then takes tens of millions of dollars to plug his patchwork budget.  He claims he eats lunch out of a brown bag like a regular guy, then dines with fat cat donors over $2,000 steak dinners and gives himself a $50,000 pay raise,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Sunday. “Now he flips flops in less then 24 hours on immigration because he’s checking Facebook on his taxpayer funded motorcycle campaign swing. Wisconsin needs a governor who will stand up for what he believes — not a double talking politician like Scott Walker.”