Gov. Tim Pawlenty Leaves Minnesota Facing Record-high Taxes, Surging Deficit, to Crown Scott Walker Preferred Nominee for Governor (5/21/10)

May 20, 2010

Despite Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s Falling Approval Ratings, Scott Walker Embraces His Failed Platform


MADISON — Leaving his state to escape record low approval ratings , Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty will crown Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker as the preferred candidate of the Republican Party of Wisconsin during the RPW Convention this weekend.


“I want to congratulate County Executive Scott Walker on earning the approval and endorsement from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a man who has let property taxes climb to record highs while leaving Minnesota with a budget deficit of more than $7 billion,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate. “If record-high taxes and surging deficits sound familiar, that’s because Tim Pawlenty are Scott Walker are using the same failed playbook.”


Tim Pawlenty is no stranger to the Scott Walker absentee school of leadership. Scott Walker went AWOL again this week, taking his taxpayer-funded campaign tour that ended at the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s Convention, even as Milwaukee County has fallen further into crisis. Yet another report this week found serious problems at Scott Walker’s Mental Health Complex, which led the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to call for Walker to put safety first and protect patients from sexual assault.


Meanwhile, a recent report showed that Scott Walker has led the county to a $6.6 million budget deficit this year, thanks to irresponsible budgeting practices and mismanagement.