Milwaukee County Democrats Welcome Scott Walker Home (5/19/20)

May 18, 2010

Show the rest of the state why Scott Walker is a mistake they can’t afford

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County (DPMC) announced today plans to welcome Scott Walker back from his taxpayer-funded campaign tour. The DPMC will run the message, “Scott Walker has failed Milwaukee. Don’t let him fail Wisconsin,” on electronic billboards along his route to the Wisconsin GOP convention, where he will be crowned their nominee for governor.

The billboards will run throughout the Wisconsin GOP convention, beginning Friday, and will show convention delegates what the people of Milwaukee County really think of Scott Walker’s lack of leadership and responsibility.


Below is the DPMC release with more details on the billboards:

County Democrats to Mark Scott Walker’s

Return with Message on Outdoor Board

MILWAUKEE – The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County is sending a clear message to County Executive Scott Walker as he arrives back in Milwaukee tomorrow after his taxpayer-financed joyride around Wisconsin. A message reading, “Scott Walker has failed Milwaukee. Don’t let him fail Wisconsin,” will appear on a digital outdoor board above I-43 and Juneau Street beginning at midnight tonight. Walker’s motorcade will pass by the outdoor board as it proceeds to the site of this year’s Republican state convention.

“We want delegates to the Republican convention from around Wisconsin to know what Milwaukeeans think of Walker’s record as County Executive,” said Sachin Chheda, Chair of the DPMC. “We want them to understand that his administration has been a disaster for Milwaukee County.”

The Republican Party of Wisconsin is holding its Annual Convention in downtown Milwaukee this weekend, and Walker has faced criticism for changing the date of his annual joyride from June to May to accommodate his political schedule. The Republican Party, which has moved farther and farther rightward in recent years, is expected to formally endorse Walker, who has spent more than seven years campaigning for the job of Governor.

“Scott Walker’s failures have been clearer than ever this week, as news story after news story illustrates his administration’s incompetence,” said Chheda. “A policy of accepting sexual assault at the county health facility. Obscene graffiti in our public parks. More budgeting shenanigans. Wisconsin deserves better than what Scott Walker has to offer.” 

The outdoor board is located on bustling I-43, just north of downtown Milwaukee. The state-of-the-art 20-foot by 60-foot digital display unit, which features messages that change every eight seconds, can be easily seen by southbound drivers on the Interstate and their passengers. The Walker message will appear once every two minutes, and will remain in continuous rotation until midnight on Saturday, May 22. A copy of the artwork is attached.

The Democratic Party of Milwaukee County is an all-volunteer organization, and serves as the local chapter of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Democrats value broad prosperity, mutual responsibility, effective government, a better future, and a stronger America. The DPMC meets the fourth Monday of most months at 7:00 p.m. in the Hall of Fame Room at the Pettit National Ice Center at Wisconsin State Fair Park. The next meeting is May 24, 2010.