Newspaper Catches Scott Walker's County Staffer Campaigning on Taxpayer Time (5/14/10)

May 13, 2010

 County Staffer Resigns After Being Caught Writing Campaign Messages About Scott Walker on Eve of Motorcycle Tour

As Scott Walker abandons the crises he caused in Milwaukee to go on a week-long corporate- and taxpayer-funded joyride around Wisconsin, more evidence is emerging of how he’s turned the county executive’s office into his campaign’s headquarters.


Investigative reporter Dan Bice reported in today’s issue of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Walker’s constituent services director, also a vice chair of the Milwaukee Republican Party, was using her work computer to do political hack work for Walker’s campaign, posting comments anonymously to various Web sites.


The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is submitting a compressive Open Records Request today to the County Executive Walker to determine just how many other staffers have been engaging in improper campaign activities while on taxpayer-funded time.


“Given the way that Scott Walker is willing to use taxpayer money to promote his race for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, it comes as zero surprise that his staff is campaigning out of Scott Walker’s official offices,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Wisconsin deserves to know why Scott Walker thinks it’s okay to use taxpayer money to fund his campaign.”


Meanwhile, Walker’s heavily-promoted, thinly-veiled campaign trip begins tomorrow, billed as tourism promotion but actually engineered to coincide with the Republican Party of Wisconsin’s convention in Milwaukee next week.