Ron Johnson Doesn't Shoot Straight on Campaign Sign Gaffe (5/27/10)

May 26, 2010

Caught on Video Ripping Down Opponent’s Signs, Johnson Campaign Tells Three Different Stories in Two Days

MADISON — Multimillionaire Tea Partier Ron Johnson’s views on ‘freedom’ took another turn Wednesday as Johnson and his campaign issued their third explanation in two days for why Johnson and his staff were caught on video ripping down the signs of Johnson’s opponents.


In the video released Tuesday, Johnson is seen ripping down the sign of fellow multimillionaire Terrence Wall, while in the background a Johnson aide tears down and trashes a sign for David Westlake, another Johnson opponent.


Ron Johnson’s campaign aide Juston Johnson told WTDY Tuesday that The sign was temporarily moved…”


But when new video was released yesterday showing that the signs were trashed and not moved ‘temporarily,’ Republican Party of Wisconsin Spokesperson Kristin Ruesch told WTDY that the signs were taken downat the request of the media.” She declined to name which media outlet made the request.


Wednesday afternoon, Ron Johnson admitted that the signs were in fact nottemporarily moved,” as his staffer previously claimed, instead telling WisconsinEye, with a smirk, I was just helping clean up after the convention.


“The tape doesn’t lie. But apparently Johnson’s campaign does,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Is this the most important issue facing Wisconsin?  Of course not.  But if Mr. Johnson and his campaign can’t shoot straight with the people of Wisconsin on this, how can voters trust him when it comes to the issues that do matter?”