Ron Johnson Offers Slogans and Sound Bites, But No Solutions (5/19/10)

May 18, 2010

 Miss America Finalists Provide More Substance Than GOP Candidates

MADISON – Multimillionaire extremist Ron Johnson made a few stops around Wisconsin this week and provided slogans, sound bites and attacks, but failed to provide any solutions to the challenges people face. 

In contrast, the contestants at this weekend’s Miss America pageant were asked questions on everything from the oil spill in the Gulf, to immigration, to women’s health and provided more answers on the issues than Johnson did this week.

On right-wing radio’s Mark Belling program, Johnson explained that he and his staff were working to boil down his thoughts into “sound bite levels” – a.k.a more slogans. 

“The Miss America contestants answered questions on issues of the day, why can’t Ron Johnson?” asked Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “He talked a lot but he didn’t say anything. He has no plan to create jobs, no plan to reduce the deficit, and no plan to provide health care for the kids he wants to take it away from.”

Tate challenged the media to ask Johnson and the rest of the GOP primary candidates the substantive questions that were posed to the Miss America finalists about issues, and take positions on the same issues.

“Do you believe health insurance should cover birth control pills, like every other drug?”

“Should British Petroleum bear all costs of the oil spill off the coast of Florida, even if it forces the company out of business?”

“Arizona’s new immigration statute authorizes law enforcement authorities to check the citizenship of anyone they believe may be in the country illegally. Critics say this may amount to racial profiling. Do you think that this should be mandated by the state, or by the federal government?”