Scott Walker Contradicts Self on Taxpayer Dollars for Rolling Blunder (5/17/10)

May 16, 2010

Madison – Facing increased scrutiny and criticism about his shameless taxpayer-funded campaign motorcycle joyride across the state, Scott Walker has now contradicted himself on how much time and money from official county sources has been used in the planning and execution of this transparent political barnstorm of Wisconsin.

When in Madison, WISC-TV reported “Walker said that the only tax dollars used for the ride are to pay for county workers. But, he added, only one county worker organized the entire event.”

But just two days earlier, Walker promised WISN-TV in Milwaukee that his joyride wouldn’t cost taxpayers a cent. WISN reported, “Walker said the ride is funded by sponsors and won’t cost taxpayers a penny. ‘The promotional fee for this is paid for by AirTran,’ said Walker. ‘It’s put together by Visit Milwaukee…’”

“The people of Wisconsin, and the taxpayers in Milwaukee County, need to know – are tax dollars being used to fund Walker’s campaign tour across Wisconsin, or not?  And why can’t we get a straight answer?” asked Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman of Wisconsin Mike Tate.  “Taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot this bill.  He can pay for his own campaign tours to ride Wisconsin families into the ground.”