Scott Walker Costs Waukesha, Too (5/17/10)

May 16, 2010

 Behaves Like Head of State in Sham Campaign Tour

MADISON – As Scott Walker this weekend embarked on his taxpayer-funded campaign joyride, Democratic officials were asking why law enforcement resources from outside Milwaukee were spent promoting Walker.
“It boggles the mind why a Waukesha County sheriff’s deputy was on his service vehicle in Delavan taking the Milwaukee County executive on his way to Rockford, Ill. on a taxpayer-funded trip as he tries to win the Republican nomination for governor,” Waukesha County Democratic Party Chair Jeff Christensen said. “Why should Waukesha County be spending law enforcement resources on Scott Walker?”
Christensen today was asking the chief of police of New Berlin and the sheriff of Waukesha County, why their officers were detailed to the Milwaukee County executive’s trip, and whether their departments would be reimbursed by Scott Walker’s campaign for governor.