Scott Walker Still Stonewalling on Rape, Starvation, Abuse Allegations (5/6/2010)

May 05, 2010

New Probe Seeks Answers Never Given

While Scott Walker prepares to dodge ethics questions and leave Milwaukee on a weeklong taxpayer-funded campaign trip, new efforts are being undertaken to uncover the truth behind allegations of rape, starvation death and abuse at his Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.


News broke this week that even Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway, a sometimes Walker ally, was breaking with Walker and demanding an audit of the facility, where Scott Walker has cut positions without creating any savings and where he continually vows fixes that never materialize.


A group of elected officials last week called for increased scrutiny of Walker’s inept rule, after $60 million in federal aid to the facility was put in jeopardy following rape allegations at the facility. A patient starved to death there in 2006 under Scott Walker’s watch.


“Scott Walker has cynically ground the most vulnerable of us underfoot so he can make his untruthful claims of taxpayer savings. If he will not account to the public, he will be brought to account,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “When he takes his gubernatorial campaign up north next week let him answer for the raped and the dead.”