Sean Duffy’s Job Plan: Reward Businesses for Shipping Wisconsin Jobs Aboard (5/24/10)

May 25, 2010

Duffy Has Pledged To Protect Tax Loopholes For Companies That Ship Jobs Abroad


MADISON — As news of Polaris’ plant closure hits Northern and Central Wisconsin, Republican Sean Duffy has some explaining to do over his plan to reward companies that ship jobs out of Wisconsin.  Duffy is not only a staunch supporter of the trade policies that have sent Wisconsin jobs overseas, he has publicly pledged to protect tax breaks for companies that ship jobs abroad. 


“During these tough economic times, Wisconsin voters face a clear choice between Julie Lassa’s record of fighting for Wisconsin workers and fostering job creation, or Sean Duffy’s pledge to protect tax loopholes that allow companies to ship our jobs overseas,” said Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “While voters know Lassa’s record of supporting workers and reducing our state and local tax ranking to their lowest levels since 1961, they are scratching their heads at Sean Duffy’s pledge to protect special tax breaks for companies that ship Wisconsin jobs abroad. ”  




Sean Duffy Pledges To Protect Tax Loopholes For Companies That Ship Job Abroad

Sean Duffy signed a pledge written by the Americans for Tax Reform to oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses. [Americans For Tax Reform, 3/30/10]


In 2007, the Americans for Tax Reform issued a legislative alert making it clear to their pledge signers that if they voted to remove a tax loophole taken by companies that ship jobs overseas it would be “a clear and unambiguous violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” [ATR Legislative Alert, 7/25/07]


  Sean Duffy Supports Free Trade Agreements That Ship American Jobs Abroad

During an interview with the Abbotsford Record Review, Duffy was called a “free-trader” when he said “Americans should be allowed to compete economically with other nations, including China.” [Abbotsford Record Review, 2/17/10] 


  Wisconsin State And Local Tax Rankings Are At Their Lowest Levels Since 1961

Meanwhile, under Democratic leadership, Wisconsin’s state and local tax ranking has dropped to its lowest level since 1961, according to an annual report by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue.  Wisconsin’s rankings are there lowest in nearly 50 years and have improved for six consecutive years, unprecedented in state history, the report stated.  [BizTimes Milwaukee, 4/8/10]