Secretary Dick Leinenkugel Dodges Debate for DC (5/5/2010)

May 04, 2010

Candidate Continues Doubletalk Tour, Gives Two Excuses for Skipping Wisconsin Debate While He Lobbies DC Insiders

Former Democratic Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel continued his “Doubletalk Tour,” giving two different excuses for why he is dodging a Republican primary debate this Saturday in St. Germain.  Secretary Leinenkugel’s opponents Dave Westlake and multimillionaire Terrence Wall are scheduled to attend.



On April 23, Leinenkugel told “Will be going out to DC to meet with Republican Senatorial Campaign Staffers the first week of May.”


Then on Saturday, in a terse post to the Facebook page of the hosts of the Republican primary debate, Wisconsin Women of the North, Leinenkugel wrote that he would be unable to take part in the debate because he is “Currently scheduled to be in WDC on May 8th.” 


But this week, Leinenkugel backtracked and deleted his Facebook comment from the Wisconsin Women of the North page and told that he “was invited to take part [in the debate] but he has plans for Mother’s Day weekend.”


“Secretary Leinenkugel is dodging this debate in Wisconsin to spend Mother’s Day in D.C. with political insiders,” said Mike Tate, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “It’s clear that the voracity of opposition to his candidacy has him running scared, running from his record, and now, running from debates.”


Right-wing commentator Christian Schneider confirmed Secretary Leinenkugel’s DC trip in a tweet yesterday writing: “On a plane to DC with my MAIN MAN “Diggity” Dick Leinenkugel…”