Walker Camp Contradicts Self on Taxpayer Dollars for Rolling Blunder… Again (5/19/10)

May 18, 2010

MADISON –  Why can’t Scott Walker give Wisconsin a straight answer?

First, it was no taxpayer money spent on his rolling blunder Harley tour:      

On Friday, May 14th, WISN reported, “Walker said the ride is funded by sponsors and won’t cost taxpayers a penny. ‘The promotional fee for this is paid for by AirTran,’ said Walker. ‘It’s put together by Visit Milwaukee…’”

Then in Madison two days later, it became one county worker:

WISC-TV reported “Walker said that the only tax dollars used for the ride are to pay for county workers. But, he added, only one county worker organized the entire event.”

But then, just yesterday, Walker Campaign Manager Keith Gilkes indicated that multiple aides are along for the ride to answer the phone, since Walker is intentionally out-of-touch while on his motorcycle:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported, “Gilkes said Walker is available at a moment’s notice on the ride because he has aides in a car on the ride who are in constant touch with his office.”

Also yesterday, reports surfaced that taxpayers in other counties may be footing the bill for the Harley tour:

The Waukesha Freeman reported that Waukesha County law enforcement officers escorted Walker and his entourage through the county, but they won’t be reimbursed for the expense: “Trawicki was unsure how many deputies were assigned to escort Walker, but said Walker wasn’t and will not be asked for a reimbursement related to helping the ride.“

“Walker just can’t seem to get his story straight, and the lies are catching up with him,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate. “Taxpayers – in Milwaukee County and across the state – deserve to know if their tax dollars are funding this campaign joyride, and they deserve to know now.”