Wisconsin GOP Embraces Karl Rove and the George W. Bush and His Record of Surging Deficit Spending, Rampant Unemployment

May 21, 2010

MILWAUKEE — Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate released the following statement in advance of news Saturday that Wisconsin Republicans were seeking a return to the jobs-killing policies of George W. Bush by honoring Karl Rove, who was scheduled to raise money and speak tonight at their annual convention.

“As Karl Rove reunites with his old buddy Scott Walker, who chaired George W. Bush’s Wisconsin re-election campaign, it’s clear that Scott Walker would like nothing better than to take us back to Bush’s failed policies of surging deficits caused by tax cuts for the rich, and an unregulated Wall Street allowed to run amok for his special interest friends,” said Tate. “Karl Rove’s visit was no accident. Why else would Scott Walker host a private fundraiser in Milwaukee with Jeb Bush if he didn’t support the failed Bush-era economic policies?”