Diva D.A. Sean Duffy Departs (6/4/10)

Jun 03, 2010

Relief for Ashland Taxpayers

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate congratulated the taxpayers of Ashland County, who today learned they would no longer have to finance diva District Attorney Sean Duffy’s extremist run for Congress. Duffy today announced today that, like his political patron Sarah Palin, he would run away from his job mid-stream to pursue his personal ambitions.

Duffy, a D-list celebrity from MTV’s “Real World: Boston,” and a failed actor, was appointed to the post by then-Gov. Scott McCallum in 2003 and has faced no challengers since. With the blessings of criminal fundraiser and Tea Party Kingpin Mark Block, Duffy is running for the Republican nomination for the 7th Congressional District against organic berry farmer Dan Mielke.

“Ever the diva, Sean Duffy is fleeing his post, where he has distinguished himself not by his relentless mediocrity, but by his relentless political ambition,” Tate said. “At least the taxpayers of Ashland County no longer have to foot the bill so that a diva like Sean Duffy can go on tee-vee shows in New York.”