Get to Work Scott Walker

Jun 28, 2010

Get to Work Scott Walker
Phony Bucyrus Jobs Stunt Lacks Substance, Taste

MADISON – It took Scott Walker about a week MIA to respond, but we now know what his plans are for preserving Wisconsin manufacturing jobs: Attack newspaper ads.

While Tom Barrett hit the ground running in voicing his opposition to the decision by the Export-Import bank that could imperil jobs at Bucyrus International, he is working with the Obama administration to reverse the decision and has worked to create some 2,000 jobs in Wisconsinin the last eight months alone, Scott Walker has remained on the sidelines.

But Scott Walker’s economic stimulus plan was announced today in the form of a newspaper ad that will attack President Obama during his visit tomorrow, another in the growing list of substance-free political stunts pulled by the crisis-generating Milwaukee County executive.

“Scott Walker has not reached out to the Obama administration, except to take stimulus funds to plug holes in his disastrous budgets. He does not build teams to create job. And what jobs he does seem to favor are created out-of-state,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday. “Now, after days of silence, we are learning that he plans to add to the climate change problem by producing nothing of substance but more hot air.”