Mark Neumann

May 31, 2010

Mark Neumann’s Stimulus Doublespeak

MADISON – Mark Neumann has once again exemplified GOP hypocrisy, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this morning that his nonprofit received nearly $175,000 from the Recovery Act, which he has frequently railed against.

Neumann’s nonprofit, Educational Enterprises, Inc., which operates charter schools across the country, received $174,007 from Recovery funding last year alone. In addition to Recovery funding, Neumann’s nonprofits have also received nearly $22 million since 2002 through the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program.

In recent campaign ads, Neumann has continued his assault on the Recovery Act, and the 59,000 jobs that have been saved or created in Wisconsin as a result. He has even gone as far as saying he would refuse federal dollars and hault the building of high-speed rail that would create jobs and strengthen Wisconsin’s economy.

Neumann has also benefited from the Recovery Act through his stake in Tim O’Brien Homes and Renewable Energy Solutions, both of which have received tax breaks and incentives as a result, according to Neumann’s business partners. 

“Mark Neumann’s support of the Recovery Act, only when it benefits him or his businesses, sets a disturbing precedent,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate, ”the people of Wisconsin deserve a governor who values job creation and long-term economic stability over personal gain.”