FACT CHECK: Scott Walker's New Ad Ignores His Failure to Deliver the Pension Reform He Promised (6/2/10)

Jun 01, 2010

MADISON — A new web ad released today by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin checks the facts on Scott Walker’s latest campaign commercial, which cynically praises his so-called pension reform while ignoring his own dismal record of failure to make good on the promises he made to taxpayers and voters.
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Scott Walker Claim: “In 2002, a pension scandal rocked Milwaukee County. The guy who had the job before me tried to grab millions for himself and his friends. We had enough. We took back our government.”
FACT: Despite running on a platform to reform the County pension system, Walker has failed to deliver the promised change. He didn’t make at-will employees waive lucrative pension deals as he promised until political pressure finally compelled him to – TWO YEARS after he took office. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Riemer blasts Walker on waivers,” 3/18/2004; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “2 aides in line for big pension payouts,” 4/18/2004; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Walker’s unfulfilled pledge,” 4/22/2004).
FACT: In 2007 there was an additional pension scandal on Scott Walker’s watch. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel found that more than 350 workers could reap at least $50 million because of a “buy back” feature that Walker failed to properly address some 5 years after taking office. Even Walker begrudgingly admitted that they had not done enough to prevent this next chapter of the pension scandal. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Pension twist costs county millions,” 7/29/2007); (Milwaukee Magazine, “New Pension Scandal: Who’s to Blame?” 7/31/2007)
FACT: In 2008, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Milwaukee County voluntary submitted a correction filing with the IRS reporting that they mistakenly overpaid several former county workers. They did this filing to prevent any audits and possible revocation of tax-exempt status. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “County reveals raft of new pension gaffes,” 3/27/2008).

“Seizing opportunity to further his political career, Scott Walker rode to office on the outrage over the pension scandal. As it turns out, Scott Walker IS the pension scandal,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate.