Sean Duffy, Big Oil and Outsourcing

Jun 17, 2010

Corporate Cat’s Paw” Barnstorms North Woods

MADISON —The corporate-funded “Tea Party” group that got its money from companies that shipped American jobs overseas and laid off thousands of workers here is coming to the north woods this weekend to attack the only 7th Congressional District candidate in the race with a record of fighting for jobs and standing up for Wisconsin workers.  

The deceptively-named, “Americans For Prosperity,” which receives major financial and logistical support from Kansas’s Koch Industries executives and lobbyists, announced Friday their plans for media events around the district to attack Julie Lassa, who has pledged to oppose tax cuts for those companies that ship Wisconsin jobs abroad.

Republican Sean Duffy, meanwhile, has had his campaign basically run by the shady special interest group, which is the cat’s paw of big oil and outsourcing leaders.

“Sean Duffy came from a privileged background and might never have to worry about work. Who should worry are the families of the north woods who see their jobs under attack by those companies that profit by sending those very jobs to China and India,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Friday. “Does Duffy stand with Koch Industries and AFP, or does he stand with Wisconsin’s working families?”