SSDC: Vukmir Playing Politics with Peoples

Jun 21, 2010

Harley-Davidson’s CEO confirms Las Vegas Loophole is not a factor in manufacturing decisions

Madison — Harley-Davidson President and CEO, Keith Wandell, confirmed this weekend on “UpFront” with Mike Gousha that the company’s recent decision to consider workforce changes at its manufacturing plants was not due to the State’s recent repeal of the Las Vegas Loophole.


Wandell’s assertion came as a blow to Rep. Leah Vukmir and her attempts to use Harley’s situation to push her own political agenda.  Immediately after Harley’s initial announcement, Vukmir called on the legislature to meet in immediate special session to re-instate the Las Vegas Loophole – using the potential layoffs as her justification.


“It really is shameful that Rep. Vukmir’s first priority was scoring political points, and not helping the working families of Southeastern Wisconsin,” said Kozloski.  “It’s no wonder she was recently named one of the Worst Legislators in the State by Milwaukee Magazine.”


After the workforce announcement, Harley-Davidson asked legislators to keep politics out of this issue – a request that was ignored by Rep. Vukmir who not only used it to stir up media coverage, but has also been using it as a tool for her political fundraising.


Vukmir’s politicization of the issue, Kozloski noted, has also added additional hurdles to business leaders and lawmakers as they try to find a way to avoid potential layoffs.


“Wisconsin doesn’t need another extreme partisan ideologue who puts their own agenda before the businesses and working families that are struggling to make ends meet,” concluded Kozloski. “If playing political games is more important to Leah Vukmir than saving hundreds of jobs in the Milwaukee area, she doesn’t deserve a promotion.” 





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