Does Sean Duffy Work For Wall Street? (7/21/10)

Jul 20, 2010

Reality Tee-Vee Star Silent on Need to Fight Greed

MADISON – There isn’t a camera or microphone that Sean Duffy doesn’t love and he CLAIMS to hate Wall Street bailouts, but the reality tee-vee star has gone strangely silent on tough new regulation on the greedy Wall Street speculators that drove the American economy in the ditch.

So the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on Wednesday called on Duffy to take a stand on the tough new regulation, which seeks to protect Main Street from the Bush era excesses that Duffy previously has championed.

“Sean Duffy loves to show up on television and he claims he opposes Wall Street bailouts, so he should have no problem clarifying whether he stands for Wisconsin’s working families or whether he stands with the greedy Wall Street bankers,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “The working families of the north woods want to know: Are you with them, or are you with Wall Street?”