GOP Works Hard to Spin Underfunded Campaigns

Jul 21, 2010


“If you include candidates no longer on the ballot, 3-way primaries, exclude SSDC, lose your calculator, and close one eye….we outraised you,” claims the GOP


MADISON – After licking its wounds from another round of unimpressive fundraising numbers, the state GOP today put its best spin on their fundraising numbers, claiming an advantage over the Senate Democrats.  Unfortunately for the GOP, in order to claim victory they needed to:

  • Include fundraising totals from Kevin Hermening – a candidate no longer on the ballot.


  • Use totals from all candidates in two 3-way primaries.


  • Completely ignore the record fundraising numbers of the State Senate Democratic Committee, who enjoy a 3-1 advantage over their counterparts.


  • Somehow gloss over the fact that in order to raise $80,000, Leah Vukmir needed to spend $50,000. 


  • Somehow gloss over the fact that in order to raise $60,000, Ed Thompson had to spend $30,000.


  • Use words like “nearly,” and “almost” – which they will have to get used to using in November if these numbers hold up.


  • Neglect to mention that their targeted candidates and committees trail their Senate Counterparts by over $400,000.

“Any way you spin it, Senate Democratic Candidates have huge advantages over their opponents, and their hard work and strong support in their districts will carry them to victory in November,” concluded SSDC Executive Director Kory Kozloski.


Paid for by the State Senate Democratic Committee, Jon Erpenbach, Treasurer.