Is Mike Huebsch kidding?

Jul 21, 2010

MADISON – Former Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch, author of the illegal raid of a state fund that’s going to cost Wisconsin taxpayers $200 million, today was blaming everyone but himself for his reckless proposal.

In an indictment of Huebsch’s disregard for fiscal responsibility, the state Supreme Court struck down the key component for Huebsch’s smoke-and-mirrors budget passed in October of 2007, which robbed the state’s patient compensation fund.

In an interview with the La Crosse Tribune, Huebsch claimed that he was “forced” by Democrats to put taxpayers on the line with his risky and, ultimately, unconstitutional, move,.

“Either Mike Huebsch is not man enough to withstand our influences or he’s not being honest with voters of the 94th District about how he authored this $200 million mistake,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “As long as he’s doing our bidding, we have another request for him: Resign.”