Ron Johnson Opposes Tax Credits For 86,100 Wisconsin Small Businesses

Jul 21, 2010

In Midst of Worst Recession in Decades, Ron Johnson’s Defense of Insurance Companies Puts Wisconsin Small Businesses at Risk

MADISON — A new report released this week shows that multimillionaire Senate Candidate Ron Johnson’s extremist defense of insurance companies will also deny tens of thousands of Wisconsin small businesses tax credits.

Johnson, who has tried to claim that providing tax credits to small business to purchase health care is part of the “greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime,” was asked about his solutions for the economy’s current state and said repealing the health care bill is imperative. [Jackson County Chronicle, 6/16/10]

The consumer health organization Families USA and small business advocacy group Small Business Majority released a report this week showing that repealing health care reform would take away tax credits that would help reduce health insurance costs for 86,100 qualified small business, like restaurants, auto mechanics and other companies that employ less than 25 workers.

“First Ron Johnson made plans to repeal health care reform that would hurt thousands of Wisconsin seniors who will lose the protections they get by closing the Medicare Part D donut hole. Now he plans to take away tax credits for thousands of Wisconsin small businesses struggling to get by,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “Each day he makes it more and more clear how out of touch he is with Wisconsin values.”

Repealing health care would cripple the ability of Wisconsin small businesses to offer affordable coverage to employees. According to the report, 25,800 small businesses qualify for the maximium tax credit under health care reform.  These are companies that employ 10 or fewer workers who earn less than $25,000.