Ron Johnson’s Worst Week Yet

Jul 18, 2010

Geographically Challenged Johnson Unveils “Misleading” Ad
and Plan to Deal With Wyoming Wolf Problem

MADISON – Last week multimillionaire Ron Johnson released a negative attack ad that an independent analysis by the media – the Associated Press (AP) – found to be “misleading.” The same ad claims that New York is not a Great Lakes state – despite having both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario on its border.  And, the first policy position Johnson actually rolled out on his Web site had to do with tackling the wolf problem for Wyoming.  

“Instead of standing by his positions, or at the very least taking responsibility for his positions, Ron Johnson has chosen the politics as usual approach, running away from his comments and resorting to running negative, false and misleading TV ads – and its only July,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Dem Party of Wisconsin. “The fact is Ron Johnson isn’t shooting straight with voters and refuses to be open and honest with the people of Wisconsin.”

 According to the media analysis of Johnson’s attack ad on Feingold’s strong record of fighting for the Great Lakes, the AP reports, “The Republican’s criticism is misleading. It implies that Feingold didn’t want to protect the lakes. In fact, it was Feingold who co-sponsored the 2001 measure that enacted the temporary ban.”

Johnson’s “misleading” ad – that is still running on statewide TV – also claims that “Feingold was the only Great Lakes senator to vote no” on Dick Cheney’s 2005 Energy Bill, which increased deficit spending, gave government hand-outs to ‘Big Oil,’ rolled back consumer protections and skirted clean water laws.    

 However, both Senators from the Great Lakes state of New York (Clinton and Schumer) also opposed Cheney’s Energy Bill in 2005.  But Johnson doesn’t count New York as a Great Lakes state because, according to a separate report by the AP some Web sites say New York isn’t a Great Lakes state. However, the AP did confirm for Johnson “New York is a Great Lakes state, bordering Lakes Erie and Ontario.”

 On Friday Wispolitics listed Johnson as FALLING in their weekly Political Stock Report because Johnson spent the week “backtracking from previous comments” in support of drilling in the Great Lakes.  Wispolitics also highlights “Johnson’s omission of New York as one of the Great Lakes states” and reports that Johnson’s latest set of radio ads are “viewed as offering very little in terms of substance.”

 In fact the only substance Johnson has offered to date came earlier last week when, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the first policy position of the campaign by Johnson was rolled out on Wednesday and detailed his plan to “deal with the wolf problem” for “the people of Wyoming” as part of his Wyoming gubernatorial campaign platform.

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