Scott Walker: Consistently Indifferent to Jobs (7/20/10)

Jul 19, 2010

For Years, Doesn’t Staff or Fund His Own Economic Development Office

MADISON – As Scott Walker continues to flip-flop on virtually every issue, there is news this week that shows him consistent on at least one thing: His total and complete indifference to creating jobs.

In a letter to Walker on Monday, Milwaukee County Sup. John Thomas decried Walker’s failure to fill a vital economic development position, while letting the entire division go fallow during his eight years in office. The position has gone vacant for seven months under Walker.

Thomas pointed out a number of jobs-creation failures by Walker: Walker already abolished the position of economic development director in his 2009 budget; tapped unqualified campaign operatives previously to run the division into the ground; failed to use a $3.1 million gift, as other supervisors had called for, expressly for economic development; and failed to develop the Park East freeway land.

“That Scott Walker cannot bother to fund or staff his own economic development division amid the worst economic crisis since the Depression tells you where his priorities lie-with his cronies, not the working families of Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.