Scott Walker: "What Tainted $15,000?" (7/15/10)

Jul 14, 2010

No-Bid Hypocrisy Ratchets Up

MADISON – Defending the no-bid hiring of a friendly firm tied to his campaign to help investigate a deadly Milwaukee County tragedy, Scott Walker took his hypocrisy to new heights Wednesday.

Walker was asked at a campaign event about the no-bid hiring of the engineering firm to investigate conditions at O’Donnell Park, where last month tragedy struck when a panel fell off the Milwaukee County parking structure. The firm has donated $15,000 to Walker since 2002.

Questions about the hiring were asked of Walker by two Milwaukee County supervisors, who raised the question of a conflict-of-interest.

But Walker, who previously has assailed the use of this contracting process when used by campaign opponents, told reporters yesterday that there is no possibility of even the appearance of ethical shadiness.

“There is none, so why should I?” Walker said, responding to reporters’ questions about conflict-of-interest.

“He’s been running for office his entire adult life so if at this late date Scott Walker still needs to be taught about basic principles of conflicts-of-interest that should guide our leaders, he is clearly unfit to serve Wisconsin,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “His hypocrisy about no-bid contracting shows that he has a blind eye for ethics and a deaf ear to Wisconsin voters who want their leaders free of ethical taint.”