Scott Walker's Law Enforcement Laugher (7/14/10)

Jul 13, 2010

New Analysis Shows Walker’s Dangerous Public Safety Cuts

MADISON – As Scott Walker continues to pose for campaign pictures claiming he supports Wisconsin law enforcement, he continues to insist that his budgets would not put public safety in jeopardy.

The problem? They already have.

A new Democratic Party of Wisconsin analysis of Walker’s budgets show that, contrary to his empty campaign promises which he repeated at a campaign event Wednesday, Walker has in fact taken reckless hacks at public safety budgets in Milwaukee County, leaving warrants undelivered, patrols unstaffed and criminals put back on the street.

“Scott Walker talks the talk on crime, but as with everything with him, looks can be deceiving,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “He routinely has taken a blade to gut funding for public safety and, as he plans to give away bags of cash to his rich friends, he is poised now to cut public safety on a massive scale. Scott Walker doesn’t budget safely and, the numbers show, he doesn’t speak honestly when it comes to fighting crime.”

Scott Walker’s risky management scheme already allowed a sex offender to run security at the County Courthouse:

And Scott Walker’s own ally, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, earlier this year blasted the Walker budget and said it would lead to the early release of 120 criminals.

Scott Walker like to LOOK like he’s tough on crime…

But in REALITY Scott Walker has reduced law enforcement personnel in Milwaukee County…

Scott Walker’s Law Enforcement Personnel Comparison

Given his track record in Milwaukee County and the public safety numbers provided below, Scott Walker can’t be trusted to keep his promises.

2002 County Budget Staffing 

2010 County Budget Staffing

Sheriff: In the 2002 Budget there    were 1,125.3 funded position equivalents


Sheriff: In the 2009 budget that number was down to 952.9 (Walker’s recommended budget would have brought it down to 946.0)*

House of Correction: In the 2002 Budget there were 638.1 funded position equivalents.

House of Correction: In the 2009 budget that number was down to 486.0 (Walker’s recommended budget would have brought it down to 482.0)*

Combined Number for Sheriff and House of Correction: Total combined     in the 2002 Budget was 1,763.4.

Combined Number for Sheriff and House of Correction: In the 2010 budget that total combined number went was down to 1,434.2 (Walker’s recommended budget would have made it 1,435.2)

** The numbers are based on the figures presented in the 2002 Adopted Budget, the 2009 Adopted Budget, the 2009 Recommended Budget (in parenthesis), and the 2010 Adopted and recommended budgets (in parenthesis).