Sean Duffy, Newt Gingrich To Celebrate End of Medicare, Sacrifice of Social Security (7/14/10)

Jul 13, 2010

MADISON-Reality tee-vee star Sean Duffy continues to stake out extreme positions, this time with a planned fundraiser Friday with retread Republican Newt Gingrich, who supports allowing Medicare to “whither on the vine” and handing Social Security over to greedy Wall Street speculators.

Duffy’s views about rationing, and ultimately ending, Medicare and turning Social Security over to Wall Street have been coming in to focus as he continues to lavish praise on Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan’s dangerous “Road Map to Ruin,” the reckless budget plan that rewards bankers and speculators at the expense of America’s seniors.

Now, by joining forces with gadfly Newt Gingrich, Duffy is speaking clearly about where he stands on the future of America’s most successful initiatives for seniors.

“People like Sean Duffy and Newt Gingrich have had said, ‘Enough with Medicare and Social Security,’ let the corporations decide,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “Duffy and Gingrich are wrong when they say let Medicare ‘whither on the vine,’ especially in the midst of an economic crisis that their economic policies of reckless greed caused in the first place. Duffy and Gingrich are wrong to hand Social Security over to Wall Street. Wisconsin’s seniors deserve to feel safe in their golden years, not worried that people like Duffy and Gingrich will work to shred their safety net.”