Sean Duffy: "The Dog Ate My Homework." (7/22/10)

Jul 21, 2010

Reality Tee-Vee Star Morphs Into Typical Politician

MADISON – Reality tee-vee star Sean Duffy today acknowledged concealing $17,000 in campaign spending, using the language of a typical politician to explain away his deceit.

The report in today’s Wausau Daily Herald shows how Duffy failed to report television advertising purchases as a way to inflate his campaign finance numbers.

Duffy, a political appointee whose sole claim to fame is his appearance on a bawdy MTV show from the 1990s, had his minders confuse the issue when asked by a reporter.

“It turns out that Sean Duffy is not just a reality tee-vee star, he is a full-blown and typical politician. Faced with honest questions about campaign finance deception, he tells us that, ‘The dog ate my homework,’” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “North woods voters deserve better than a typical politician like Sean Duffy.”