The Scott Walker Crisis

Jul 12, 2010

Reality Intrudes on Buck-Passing County Executive 

MADISON – Following is the statement of Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate following the nonpartisan Public Policy Forum’s recently-released budget preview.
“In its budget preview, the nonpartisan Public Policy Forum reminds us what many in Milwaukee County have known for years, that Scott Walker has relied on smoke and mirrors to disguise long-term fiscal and structural crises. Under strong leadership, the buck would stop with him. But you won’t hear Scott Walker taking any responsibility any time soon.
In Milwaukee County under Scott Walker, crisis is nothing new. A blasted budget. Crumbling county buildings. Cut bus routes and public safety positions, shuttered parks and vital services to the community taken over by the state because of Scott Walker’s reckless management. It’s not just that Scott Walker continually operates in crisis, it’s that he continually causes them.
The new report by the Public Policy Forum is one more piece of evidence heading into November that Wisconsin must be spared the buck-passing ways of Scott Walker. Wisconsin cannot afford the costs of the never-ending Scott Walker Crisis.”