The Taxpayer- and Corporate-Funded Campaign Trip of Scott Walker

Jul 14, 2010

WisDems File GAB Complaint

MADISON – Wisconsin Democrats today filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board, alleging that Scott Walker’s May motorcycle tour timed to correspond with the Wisconsin Republican state convention was an illegal use of taxpayer money.

The complaint further alleges that Walker’s campaign for governor failed to report as a contribution the support the motorcycle tour received from AirTran Airlines, whose executives accompanied Walker on the trip.

The complaint alleges that Walker’s trip, in which he was accompanied mainly by Republican supporters of his campaign not even from Milwaukee County, did nothing to support Milwaukee County tourism though was intended to promote Scott Walker and his corporate patrons. 

Wisconsin Democrats also asked that the complaint be forwarded to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for criminal investigation.

Media coverage of the trip and video images captured by employees of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin during the May 15-20 trip are included as exhibits in the complaint submitted today, including images of a department head of Milwaukee County, which is facing numerous crises, unfurling corporate banners at various parking lots.

“If Scott Walker really wanted to promote Milwaukee tourism honestly and efficiently, he would have gone down to Chicago,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Monday. “Instead, Walker barnstormed the Wisconsin media markets, promoting himself, while AirTran Airlines and taxpayers were left footing the bill. Scott Walker’s campaign apparatus should reimburse taxpayers for what they paid, and the appropriate authorities should investigate to see whether crimes have been committed.”