Tom Barrett Led, Scott Walker Fled (7/29/10)

Jul 28, 2010

WisDems Announce First TV Ad Buy of Guv Race

MADISON – The Democratic Party of Wisconsin Thursday announced its first television advertising purchases of the 2010 gubernatorial race with a spot that highlights Scott Walker’s self-serving decision to abandon Milwaukee County to go campaigning in the midst of historic and deadly flooding.

The ad campaign, titled “Barrett Led, Walker Fled,” contrasts Tom Barrett’s leadership in the midst of the historic floods with images of Scott Walker at the Pulaski Polka Days parade and visiting Republican ally Sean Duffy in Wausau.

The ads will appear in the very markets-Eau Claire, Wausau and Green Bay-where Walker went over the weekend, while at the same time thousands of Milwaukee County residents were still absorbing the effects of tens of millions of dollars in property damage. An announcer can be heard stressing the importance of the first 48 hours after floods.

“Tom Barrett led, Scott Walker fled. You can’t phone in leadership and that’s just what Scott Walker did last weekend when he skipped town to go campaign,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday in unveiling the ads. “Scott Walker’s only priority is Scott Walker, and that’s why he can’t be trusted to be Wisconsin’s governor.”





Text: After Historic Floods Hit Milwaukee

(Images from Channel 12 of I-43 flooding) (Announcer From WISN: “Floods force parts of Interstate-43 to shutdown, and here is what it looked like during rush hour yesterday.”)

Text: One Leader Went to Work

(Images of Tom Barrett speaking with constituents in the 4800 block of 64th St.) (Mike Tate speaks about Tom Barrett: “Tom Barrett was in Milwaukee leading, demonstrating what a, what a someone does that should be the next governor of our state when you have a major crisis.”)

Text: While Scott Walker Hit the Campaign Trail

(Images of Scott Walker in Eau Claire, then Images of Scott Walker in the Pulaski, Polka Days Parade) (WEAU Announcer Talks about Scott Walker in Eau Claire: “Republican Candidate for governor stopped by Eau Claire this morning to help thank volunteers who were making phone calls on his behalf.”) (WISN Announcer talks about first 48 hrs after the storm: “The first 48 hours after a storm are the most important.”)

Text: Barrett Led. Walker Fled.  www.BagScottWalker.com Paid for by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin – Mike Tate, Chair, as an in-kind contribution to Barrett for Wisconsin.

(Mike Tate’s comments on being Governor: “There is more to being a County Executive there is more to being governor then phoning it in.”)