Will Ron Johnson Tell Wisconsin Seniors About His Plan to Repeal and Cut Medicare Benefits Tomorrow?

Jul 28, 2010

 Johnson’s “First Priority” is to Increase Out-of-Pocket Costs for Seniors

MADISON – Today, multimillionaire Ron Johnson is meeting with “professional politiciansin Washington D.C. who have made a career out of working to cut Medicare and privatize Social Security.

Tomorrow in Green Bay, Johnson will have an opportunity to explain to Wisconsin seniors his plans to privatize Social Security on Wall Street and cut Medicare benefits. Johnson will be speaking tomorrow to Wisconsin seniors at the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups annual convention in Green Bay at 3:15 p.m. at the Radisson Hotel & Convention Center, 2040 Airport Drive.

Johnson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday that he would “rip up” the health insurance reform law – a move that would cut Medicare benefits for more than 870,000 seniors and threaten the financial stability of the program.

“Ron Johnson says he wants to repeal health insurance reform, which would increase costs for Wisconsin seniors and punish medical providers in Wisconsin,” said Mike Tate, Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “He also has praised a plan to abolish Medicare in its current form and privatize Social Security. Will Johnson say to Wisconsin seniors tomorrow the same thing he saying to DC insiders and lobbyists today in Washington?”

Johnson has called for a total repeal of health insurance reform, which protects Medicare for seniors, reduces their out-of-pocket costs and strengthens the financial stability of Medicare without cutting a single guaranteed Medicare benefit.

  •      Johnson’s repeal plan would take away rebate checks that help seniors pay for prescription drugs.
  •      Johnson’s repeal plan would open up the prescription drug “donut hole,” increasing out of pocket costs for Wisconsin seniors.
  •      Johnson’s repeal plan would eliminate guaranteed first-dollar coverage for Wisconsin seniors preventive and wellness care.
  •      Johnson’s repeal plan would return to an unfair Medicare reimbursement formula that has penalized Wisconsin medical providers that are focused on high-quality, rather than high-cost care.
  • Johnson’s repeal plan would also “rip up” efforts to rein in waste, fraud and abuse, and end overpayments to insurance companies, ensuring tax dollars pay for the highest quality of care.


Johnson has also praised a plan, that he calls “common sense,” which would abolish Medicare in its current form for everyone currently below age 55 and privatize Social Security.

When asked if he supports Medicare, Johnson has said, “Well, it’s, that’s the system we have.” [Up Front With Mike Gousha interview, 5/30/10].

He has also called Social Security a “giant ponzi scheme” and said “I think you have to take a look at every possibility,” and “I’m certainly not opposed to taking a look at some privatization.” [Johnson Wisconsin Eye Campaign 2010 Interview, 5/26/2010 and Brookfield Chamber of Commerce, 6/21/10]