Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate’s Statement on the Obama Administration’s Job Creation Efforts and Support for American Competitiveness

Jul 14, 2010

Madison — Today, President Obama visited the site of the new Compact Power plant in Holland, Michigan for the groundbreaking of a new factory.  When it is complete, the Compact Power facility will be the ninth constructed as a result of Recovery Act funding for advanced battery and electric vehicle manufacturers, funding that is meant both to stimulate current hiring and to promote longer-term American competitiveness.  Following the President’s visit, Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Mike Tate issued the following statement:

“Recovery Act projects like the Compact Power plant in Holland, Michigan and in similar communities across the country and here in Wisconsin have created millions of jobs for hard-working Americans.  In fact, to date the Recovery Act has supported 63,000 jobs here in this state. But Recovery Act projects aren’t just helping Americans to find jobs and make ends meet in these difficult economic times, they are also creating the foundation for a new century of American growth and opportunity. 

“As a result of the Obama Administration’s focus on support for cutting-edge companies and innovations, and their support for businesses and workers that sell American-made goods abroad, our country is better prepared to compete around the world than at any time since President Obama took office.  The President understands that it’s not enough just to support the industries that created American prosperity in the 20th century; we also have to get behind the industries that can help Americans succeed in the 21st century.  Here in Wisconsin and all across the country, President Obama and Democrats in Congress are helping families to get back on their feet and creating the conditions for economic recovery and future prosperity through their continued support for forward-looking investments in American ingenuity, innovation, and industry.

“I want to thank President Obama and Democrats like Tom Barrett, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl for working tirelessly to rebuild our economy and create jobs.  And I call on Republicans like Tom Petri, Jim Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan to stop obstructing progress and start working with Democrats to move our country forward.”