44 Years of Fat Cat Advocacy Now Backing Scott Walker (8/5/10)

Aug 04, 2010

Gets Special Interest Seal of Approval

MADISON – Scott Walker yesterday was embraced publicly by career politicians Jim Sensenbrenner and Paul Ryan, who have spent a combined 44 years advocating for special interests and wealthy Wisconsinites at the expense of working families.

Since the 1970s, Sensenbrenner has been a pathbreaker in giving tax breaks to American companies to move overseas and for giving tax cuts to the very rich who hardly need them. Ryan, meanwhile, is making his own way as a leader of the Republican plan to shred Social Security by giving it over to Wall Street, and by rationing Medicare into oblivion.

“Scott Walker’s hard work for fat cats and special interests was rewarded today by two politicians who have made a career carrying water for corporations and the very rich at the expense of Wisconsin’s working families,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Thursday. “It is a dubious honor, but we all know that Scott Walker would bear the Special Interest Seal of Approval.”