Big Daddy Barbour: Scott Walker's Corrupt Bag Man (8/11/10)

Aug 10, 2010

$25,000 Cover Charge For GOP Hatchet Work

MADISON – Consummate bigwig Republican insider Haley “Big Daddy” Barbour will serve as Scott Walker’s political bag man at a $25,000 per plate luncheon in Milwaukee today to help beltway Republicans slime Wisconsin’s airwaves this political season.

Barbour, a principal face of the GOP establishment, comes on behalf of the Republican Governors Association, which already has run hundreds of thousands of dollars in negative attack ads right here in Wisconsin on behalf of Walker, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor.

Scott Walker kicked off his campaign months ago by flying on a private jet to Florida to shakedown special interests, and with $5,000-per-head champagne toasts with George W. Bush’s little brother Jeb at Milwaukee’s Pfister Hotel.

“”Big Daddy” Barbour is the perfect face for how Scott Walker would do business, on behalf of special interests looking out for themselves- not the people of Wisconsin who actually work for a living,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Wednesday. “For some people, $25,000 is a salary. For Scott Walker’s elite fat cat friends, it’s merely the price of doing business.”

Fun Facts About “Big Daddy” Barbour
Tobacco lobbyist. Severed as a lobbyist for tobacco clients and was paid a total of $3.8 million by the tobacco companies. In 2006, withdraw all funding for Mississippi’s highly successful anti-smoking program.
Katrina profiteer. Barbour’s family profited from Katrina recovery efforts while he was governor of Mississippi.
Corrupt Lobbyist. Barbour represented a firm indicted in the Tom DeLay money laundering scandal, involved in a $100,000 check that illegally made its way into Texas elections.