Ed Thompson Campaign Credibility Suffering, Already Trying to Distract From Failure to Pay Taxes

Aug 10, 2010

MADISON – One of the most hilarious press releases of the campaign season came out today from Ed Thompson supporters trying to revive his struggling campaign.  Carrie Lynch, spokesperson for the State Senate Democratic Committee said the release from the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate (CERS) suggests they know that their candidate has a lot of weaknesses they are hoping voters don’t notice.

“How little respect does Ed Thompson and his supporters have for the voters of the 31st Senate District?” asked Lynch.  They wrote a two-page press release about Doug Kane and failed to mention until the very last sentence that he is married to Senator Vinehout.  They are hoping no one gets to that part of the release.  Voters don t like these tricks and won’t be fooled.

Lynch noted that the release is a desperate attempt to distract voters from the fact that Ed Thompson has once again been caught not paying his property taxes.

“This a pathetic attempt to try and get people to look at something other than what’s behind the curtain because it’s a giant stack of unpaid property tax bills from Ed Thompson,” said Lynch.

“Thompson and his supporters know that voters don’t like candidates who refuse to pay their taxes like everyone else does.  The only time Ed Thompson thinks he needs to pay taxes is when he is running for office.  The voters will see through it again this time,” said Lynch.

Thompson has been cited numerous times for failure to pay his property taxes in the past. 

“When Thompson decided to switch parties and run as a Republican for the State Senate, he rushed to pay years of back taxes, said Lynch.   You would think he would have at least paid his taxes on time this year while he was running for office, but he didn’t t.  If he can’t manage his own money, voters aren’t going to put him in charge of their money, said Lynch.