JB Van Hollen: Out of Touch and Too Extreme

Aug 24, 2010

Rallies with Joe the Plumber at a Tea Party Rally

Madison – Attorney General JB Van Hollen spoke at a Tea Party Rally with Joe the Plumber on Tuesday, Aug. 24 in Rib Mountain.  It follows other appearances by Van Hollen at Tea Party Events.

“The fact is that the Tea Party offers extreme ideas that are out of touch with the common sense approach Wisconsin residents want in their elected officials. If Van Hollen subscribes to the Tea Party philosophy, he is too extreme for Wisconsin. Beyond that, the fact that Van Hollen associates himself with these groups, is very clear proof that Van Hollen is simply and absolutely a dime-a-dozen politician pandering to interest groups, looking for votes rather than doing his job for all the people,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate.

Tate went on to point out that Van Hollen continues to claim his actions aren’t partisan. “It is the oldest and most cynical ploy in a politician’s playbook,” Tate said. “To believe that you can say one thing and do another and that no one will notice. From filing a lawsuit to suppress voting, after his office talked to a Republican political operative to trying to file a lawsuit to stop health care reform, after his office talked to a Republican Political Operative, Van Hollen is abusing his office and the trust of the people of Wisconsin.”

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