New WisDems Ad Exposes Sean Duffy: Reality Star Can't Hide Dangerous Social Security Stance (8/3/10)

Aug 02, 2010

Tate: “Our Web ad today will let Wisconsin families know that Sean Duffy is foursquare on the side of Wall Street, not our seniors”

MADISON – A new Web video released today featuring recently-obtained footage exposes Sean Duffy’s “real” stance on privatizing Social Security and ending Medicare as we know it.

In the footage, obtained in March in Stevens Point, the reality television star clearly enunciates his support for the Republican plan to ration, and ultimately end, Medicare and to hand Social Security over to greedy Wall Street speculators.

Recently, at an event with Medicare opponent and Social Security privatizer Newt Gingrich, Duffy hedged on his support for Paul Ryan’s “Road Map to Ruin.” But the damaging new footage shows the truth.

“Sean Duffy has spent his life in worship of the camera. But in the “Real World,” there are consequences for reckless positions and our Web ad today will let Wisconsin families know that Sean Duffy is foursquare on the side of Wall Street, not our seniors,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate said Tuesday.


A script of the new Democratic Party of Wisconsin Web video follows:

OS: Sean Duffy had nothing to hide when he starred on the Real World

OS: But Now Duffy is hiding his support for a plan that puts Wisconsin Seniors at risk

OS: On March 11, 2010: Sean Duffy supports Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Social Security

Reporter: Are you familiar with Paul Ryan’s budget?
Duffy: I am very familiar
Reporter:  Yes you do support it?
Duffy: I do

OS: But now…

Reporter 1: Are you in favor of privatizing Social Security?
Duffy: No..I..My position on Social Security is this…I don’t mind putting all items on the table, taking a hard look at them.
Reporter 2: Is privatization one of those?
Duffy: I am not coming out with a plan right now..um
Reporter 2: Is one of the options you think should be…
Duffy: What I’m saying I want to look at everything out there. At this point, I want to look at the whole gamut of ideas.

OS: Sean Duffy’s Newest Reality? Hiding support for handing over Wisconsin’s seniors retirement to Wall Street.

OS: Wisconsin Seniors can’t afford to stake their future on Wall Street Banks. Tell Sean Duffy to Get Real and stop playing politics with Wisconsin seniors.